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From experience, I know that living overseas can lead to a life of adventure, fulfillment, exploration, AND challenges.  I believe the word saudade gets to the heart of what makes living abroad so challenging. With my support expats incorporate wellness routines in their life, cope with loss of their old life, and establish a sense of belonging in their new community.  Get support, and set your mind, body, and heart up for success as you transition to a new culture.



  • Transition coaching:  Support in creating a mindful adjustment abroad. *(All sessions are client driven)
  • Health coaching: Facilitating lifestyle change for a healthier, fuller life. *(All sessions are client driven)


I offer a free 30 minute session for you to explore coaching and see if it meets your needs. Set up your free session by emailing

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 About Coaching

As a coach, I hold the space for you to uncover your own motivations, desires, and awareness that launches your forward to making healthy lifestyle changes. 

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Saudade (Brazilian Portuguese: /saw.ˈda.dʒi/), is a melancholic feeling of incompleteness linked by memory to being deprived or separated from someone, someplace, or something,  or to the absence of certain desirable experiences or pleasures.