We are forced to reinvent our self and re-build our self-esteem every time we change our cultural environment.
— Dr. Kirsten Thogersen

You have literally, turned your life upside down.  Now you live in a foreign country and have left your friends, family, home and all sense of normalcy behind. This can be exhilarating and frightening all at once! As a coach, I find that when we change our cultural environment the key issues that arise are what I call saudade, wellness, and belonging. Different places bring different challenges, because coaching is client driven, you can focus your sessions around what YOU NEED during your current transition.   

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Whether you are experiencing your first move overseas or your fourth, we are not able to skip over the transition period that often leaves us with a melancholy feeling of incompleteness (known as saudade in the Portuguese language).  

Name it

What are you feeling?

Connect with your Inner Circle

Who do you trust with your feelings?

Stitch in the Positive

What are you grateful for today?

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One of the major challenges of adjusting to a new culture is simply navigating grocery stores, and recreating your favorite meals. Working out can be challenging when you can't find your favorite exercise class or even going for a run may not be so simple.

Cook Real Food

What food brings you vitality?

Engage in Exercise

What movement brings you joy?

Become Mindful

How can you be present in your daily life?

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In our new environment we are forced to find a new sense of belonging. We are challenged with feeling like an outsider in our new life and even in our home country.  We now belong everywhere and nowhere.

Discover your Safe Place

Where do you feel at home?

Re-build your Identity

Who do you want to be?

Build your Inner Circle

How can you create a new support system?

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Photography provide by Leah Fisher Arsenault