Stacey has been a wonderful guide, a calming presence, a pillar of strength, and an amazing member of my support team. Through deep listening, validation, and understanding she builds an open, safe space that has allowed me to explore my fears, my goals and dreams, and my options moving forward.
— Katie Lake (Client)

Coaching Expertise

At my core, I am nurturer.  As a coach, I hold the space for you to uncover your own motivations, desires, and awareness to move your forward.  I balance true listening with open ended questions which gives my clients a feeling they may not have felt in a long time; seen, heard, and valued. My clients feel supported, and in a partnership with someone who truly wants them to achieve their goals. 


  • Masters of Health and Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Nutrition from Maryland University for Integrative Health.
  • Certification of Integrative Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Health.  
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation.  
  • Undergraduate degree is in psychology & education from Saint Michael's University.

My Story

I grew up in a small American town in Maine, as a shy, but self-assured kid. As an undergraduate student my sister told me that I HAD to study abroad. This idea was completely scary to me but my older sister was bossy and usually right, so I took the leap and spent a semester in South Africa. As you can guess I had a life changing experience. I learned more about myself and the world in that 6 months then I did in all of my education. 

When I was offered my first job to teach overseas, I hesitated, but because of my amazing study abroad experience I accepted the job.  It felt like the most selfish decision I had ever made in my life, to leave my family and friends behind and explore the world because it's what I wanted and needed to grow. Since I graduated college I haven't lived in the same city for more than 3 years, and have lived in 4 different countries.  Something, I would have never imagined for myself.  I have become an expert in transitioning to new locations and adapting to new cultural environments. 

After a career of an elementary teacher, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my other passions of health, wellness, and self-discovery into my teachings. I went back to school to study how I could be a learning facilitator for others on their path to a healthier, whole-hearted lifestyle.  The hardiest decision was leaving my international lifestyle behind and return to the U.S. to complete my master's degree.  I knew I wanted to use my coaching expertise to help expats have the same amazing experiences abroad that I did.  After many years overseas, I get that a life overseas has bigger highs and stronger lows than "regular life" AND with limited resources to support you.  I aim to fill that gap and be your resource.

I am most at home on the beach, in fact it's almost impossible to find a picture of me not on the beach or dripping wet in my bathing-suit. I love cooking real food because it's a way for me to create and nourish others.  In my spare time, you will find me hiking with my two dogs, at yoga class, curled up with a good book, trying a new recipe, crafting, on a run, or basking in the sunshine near water.